Sunday, February 11, 2007

23rd psalm for bassists

my favorite local drummer sent me this some time in January (oh yeah, i have not been checking my emails). It is cool.

23rd Pslam for Jazz Bassists

The Lord is my drummer, I shall not rush.
He maketh me to lay out in tasteful places
He leadeth me beside cool meter changes
He restoreth my "one".

Yeah man, though I read through the trickiest
charts, I will fear no train wrecks.
For You are with it.
Your ride and Your snare, they comfort me.

You setteth up a solo for me
In the presence of mine guitarists.
You annointeth my lines with drive.
My groove overflows.

Surely good feel and swing will follow me
through all the tunes of each set.
And I will dwell in the pocket
the whole gig long.

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  1. Thanks! I forwarded this to a bass-playing buddy.