Monday, July 09, 2007

The trip to the ovens of hell

This was a drive down to lovely (not. Still hate this place with all my being) Phoenix Arizona for a wedding. We drove. Through Nevada. Oh and fuck Las Vegas, by the way.

There's a highway in Nevada they call the lonliest road in the world. That was not the one we took (SR 95), but if the 95 is not the lonliest, then my mind boggles at what really is. We went through some of the most desolate land I've ever traveled through. Towns on the road teeter on ghost-town-ness. There are ruins all along the road, interspersed with trailer-park brothel compounds with empty parking lots. The land itself is gorgeous, though, and says "haha!" about us puny humans living on it and traveling through it.

I have some neat pictures from the trip, but until flickr helps me get my account merged i cant do diddly shit as far as showing them off goes.


  1. Welcome back.

    I love Phoenix, but hate the heat. It's supposed to be getting hot up your way in the next couple of days. Hope all is well.

  2. not getting hot. Is hot. Damn hot.

  3. Yes. I see. I forgot that the weather I saw was a couple of days old. I took note because my sis-in-law hates the heat and is up in Redmond.

  4. Both 95 & 50 are really lonely roads...I've taken them both on multiple occasions when in the military and driving home to see relatives. In fact, I was living in Vegas when the SW had a big heat wave in '85. Wet heat or dry heat, it simply doesn't matter when it's that hot.

  5. US 95 has towns, what, every half hour or so?

    Compared to "two towns between Fallon and Ely" on 50, that's practically lush population density.

    (I mean, who can forget metropolises like Hawthorne, Tonopah(!) and Beatty?)

  6. Arizona is for people that have died and gone to hell.