Thursday, October 19, 2006

My favorite store, still around. Plus a little punk rock history

I used to LOVE going to Restyle. I rarely could afford anything there, but when it was time for new boots, it was off to Restyle. I let nothing come between the boots and i. I just loved going in there and checking out the clothes. Everytime i go back home to visit, i stop in a couple of places... Aardvark's Odd Ark (Last time i was there it seemed more like a charity store for AA than the really great vintage clothing store it once was), Greeko's (been there since the 60s. Great head shop. It's also taken a weird turn), and good ol' Restyle.

Maybe i'm old, but i kind of roll my eyes at 2nd millenium punk kids. Mohawks barely turn heads, especially when they're on 8-year-olds. There doesn't really seem to be anything rebellious about it. The newer music kind of sucks. It's all been done already, so how boring.

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  1. Thu Oct 19, 8:23 AM ET

    BERLIN (Reuters) - Sting said contemporary rock music is so stagnant that he prefers to sing 16th century English ballads...

    "Rock music has come to a standstill -- it's not going forward any more, it only bores me," Die Zeit quoted Sting as saying.

    And he's one elderly dude (even older than me) that knows a thing or two about boring music! (And I sincerely say that with all possible snarkiness.)