Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In my battle against the things that don't work right

We've beaten one of several. New phones through a company that has excellent coverage all over where I need to be. I simply could not stand Sprint a minute longer last Wednesday, and my Sprint phone was almost tossed out the window in the middle of Butte Valley. Could not get through to the Smart Half because of whatever Sprint's excuse this week for him not being able to receive better than half the calls that are placed to him. See ya! Been a shitty three years, Sprint! You assholes.

However, on beating that one, another frustration appeared. The little red car. It has sprung an interesting problem, and like many of the other problems with printers, computers and phones, it appears to only do it to me. It's a cold weather issue. I'm thinking it's whatever the automatic choke is called now-a-days. It starts fine. Runs fine. As soon as I drop it into drive (or L or 2 or R) and hit (or just barely touch) the gas pedal, it dies. It won't go. However, if I wait until the outside temperature gets over 35, the problem is nonexistent. I have to dig into the book for this one. I'm just not familiar enough with this engine.

So, in that, the universe continues to conspire against me.

The Fo still needs serious suspension work, and tires that won't kill us once the snow hits.

Also, have not yet had the chance to replace our washing machine, which is just not working at all now. Good times, there.

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