Tuesday, September 02, 2008


The place where we hold our jams was in a fire early this morning. One side is a restaurant and one side is the bar. The restaurant caught fire in the kitchen. The entire building didn't burn down, but the restaurant is closed now, as is the bar. I guess the ceiling in the bathroom and poker area of the bar collapsed. All of the blues society's equipment was safe, and so were the bartenders who were working at the end of their shifts. All the bartenders there are so super cool, I'm really happy none of them were hurt. I could deal with busted and burned equipment, but would be absolutely bummed if one of them had gotten hurt. But I'm bummed anyway, as now we have no jam place and the world is poorer for the loss of that place. Great owners at the bar. I don't know the restaurant owners, but they had a bustling little place going there with pretty good food and a friendly wait staff, who are now out their jobs, as well.

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