Thursday, September 25, 2008

out and around

Our festival was a smash. It was great!

I went out to boooze bay to see my neecy compete in the Teen Idol singing competition. She placed second, but I do firmly believe, all bias aside, that she was the better singer. The audience knew it, too. I listened to her practice "At Last" by Etta James and it made me cry. That's really something. I came back home with a flu-ey kind of ick.

Our jam spot had a fire, but we're back up and running at the local Legion hall for now, starting tonight. I hadn't even had a chance to piss the neighbors off with the drums, yet. I'm devastated. laff.

Smart Half will be going back to school with me! I'm totally excited about it.

Scootypuff blew out another CV boot. Time to park it for a while and bus it around til I can have these replaced. Three boots are bad, and at least one actual CV joint. This in addition to the front end just being trashed. I was thinking of busing it for most of the winter anyway.

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