Sunday, October 05, 2008

applying padded bloomers

This term is gonna kick my ass. So will the rest of them, of course, but I'm only concerned with this one. yeesh.

I've already worn through one eraser for my math class. A week into it...


  1. Good luck with that math, meine Freundin. Wish I could help you out but I have a definite feeling that you are more than smart enough.

    If you're like, me, though, you're smart enough but very easily distracted when the math gets tedious. Which it probably will.

  2. that is pretty much the problem. Easily distracted. I also have a hard time remembering all the rules in algebra, I'm constantly reviewing the last chapter to help me remember how to do the current chapter. The Smart Half helps me out a lot, but his help underscores the differences in the way we both think. I'll admit, though, that when it works for me, for a split second I see the beauty of math. Which just makes me want to work harder at it, I guess.