Monday, October 20, 2008

i have a problem!

Well I have many of course, as we all do. This one is kind of nice to have.

None of my jeans fit me anymore. They're all too big. They are all size 12s. And I don't mean they're just a little loose. I mean the damn things fall off me without a belt.

Time to head to Goodwill or the little shop of things (that has used Levi's for 8-10$/pair and no I will not share the location of this little gem nyaaaah).

I got these jeans last year when I shrunk out of all my size 16s and 14s finally.

Can't quite fit back into my leather pants... but soon... SOOON! muahahaha!

(So anyway yeah, after a year of removing high fructose corn syrup from our diet, I've lost probably three sizes. They say it's ok in moderation, but what's moderation if it's in almost everything at the store?)

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