Thursday, September 27, 2007

maybe disgusting

With the newest acquisition of the Yomamaha acoustic geet, it brings the grand total of stringed instruments in our house to...



two steel string acoustics, one spanish classical acoustic, one electric six-string, one archtop acoustic, one solid-body bass, one hollow-body bass.

And, you know, if I sold them all, I still couldn't buy a $2000 Taylor or anything like that. *laff* Not even if I threw in the 15-inch ported bass cab, 100-watt head AND 15-watt practice amp.

I have all this shit, and still I'm driving around in an '87 Camry who threatens me with something new to go wrong every stinking day. What's wrong, here?!

Oh the rambler and i made a musical discovery last night, and spent an hour trying to figure out what made it work. I played a song in A minor. Then I showed him the bass line for it, which is in E. We both went, "Wait a sec...", because I had never made the connection about the two parts. (my guitar brain and bass brain aren't connected. If you ever jammed with me, you'd see this). So I played the piece again, just the rhythm part, and he played an E minor pentatonic scale over it for a lead. It sounded great.

It has to do with the circle of fifths, and why certain things we've played with two guitars-one capo'd, one not-sounded right. So we spent a while trying to drag this information from the depths of my mind, where it resides, and creeps out once in a while and whacks me in the head, resulting in a moment of " Holy crap I get it!!!". This feeling disappears after about an hour, and I'm lost on the theory shit all over. anyway, I couldn't quite make the connection make sense for him, because it isn't real solid for me. We'll work on it.

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