Friday, September 28, 2007

Weather is here!

Hmm actually, the weather arrived last Wednesday, when we had snow at various places about 6000 feet. Bly mountain got some, but just enough to look out the window, say "Hey, it snowed" and then it went away.

Today, the snow level appears to be right at around 5500 feet or so. The tops of the hills around town got a dusting.

I needed wiper blades. I knew this a week ago, and kept thinking, "Pick up blades for the car and the Fo." Stopped in somewhere finally, today, to grab some, and stood in line behind a handful of other people who, like me, put it off. Heh. My blades on the Camry are about falling off- they're a year old. The ones on the Fo are intact, but simply don't do the job anymore. You can make a set of blades last two years on the coast- you're always using them, and if you wipe them off every time you squeegee your windows, they'll last. Out here, the just rot all summer and even keeping them clean doesn't do any good.

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