Wednesday, November 08, 2006


i don't think it matters who wins this election, or any other election. The outcome is the same. Politicians (and their hooting peanut galleries) talk to constituents as if the constituents are drooling idiots. New inane laws are passed, and old inane ones remain on the books. Someone is trying to tell you and i what we can and cannot do to ourselves, what we can and cannot say, who we should and should not worship, how we should act, etc. Am i singling out a particular party here? No. Because both are guilty. Both are full of bottom feeders and disgusting, hypocritical thieves.

No i'm not cynical about politics at all. (sarcasm)

All i ask is that one day, i don't have to choose between the lesser of the two evils. That i don't look at my ballot and think, "Who is going to damage my city, county, state, district, country the least?".

And don't tell me it's one or the other. I think we all know it's none of the above, in most cases.

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