Monday, November 27, 2006

lotsa snow

well, to me it is. Remember, i'm the one who squeals with delight when we get a dusting. It snowed most of yesterday, and then we got a break in the late afternoon, and then it snowed probably all night, and it's been on and off snowing all day today.

New Boots is awesome in this kind of snow. Part of the fun is watching the people who hadn't bothered putting on snow tires yet and have two-wheel drive. They were out all over the place today. The neighbor with the Jetta with low-profile tires, the guy in the big white van out in the middle of S. 6th, going in circles, the lady in the new Nissan that pulled out of Burger King and kept right on going forward into the center median, and the best one, a guy in a late-80s Camaro with lowpro street tires, fishtailing all the way down Washburn. In the morning, i was treated to watching people coming sideways down the offramp that's kitty-corner to our house. Probably not such a treat for them, but fine entertainment over this way.

As for me, yeah, i have it in H4, and i'm the slowest mofo on the road. Your blood pressure is your problem, not mine.

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