Monday, November 20, 2006

Not ever.

The last election has been turning over in my head lately. The most interesting thing, of course, is that now that the Democrats are in power in Oregon, they intend to raise the tax on beer. I mean, it was the first thing that they made the paper about, because it was pressing and important and all. Nevermind that important stuff like school funding or police funding or keeping the state university system afloat. No. Gotta raise the tax on beer, not for schools or public safety, but to treat people who drink too much of it. Retards.

Yeah see if i EVER vote for one of you again.

How can Oregon Dems redeem themselves, in my eyes? Dismantle the OLCC. As soon as possible, and then completely rewrite all the codes and laws related to alcohol in the state. Nothing less.

(later...) o and let's talk about SNEAKY shall we. Rep. Chuck Rangel (D-NY) wants to reinstate the draft because he hopes it will make future US leaders think twice about staring any silly wars in the future. Chuck, your "I'm a dipshit" forehead sticker is on the way.

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