Wednesday, November 01, 2006

nth of pril may be back

I finally got hold of the guy who had the account that the old Nth of Pril (the last one) was hosted by, as well as the hosting company. I'm looking at taking it over, since it was only suspended and not deleted. Just have to take a peep at the finances. We've decided to keep the crapmobile and get the water pump fixed, so i have to take that into account, re-register and re-insure it and then i think i may be able to do it.

For reference: I'd like to take a moment to spit on property management companies that don't allow you to work on your own vehicle on property you rent. I could fix the car myself, for $35 and some frustration, and probably it would take more than book time to do it (would probably take me about a day to do it, because i don't have all the correct tools or a lift). Book time is 3.5 hours. A shop will do it for about $350. Plus, i'll be having it towed. Driving it could cause the $350 repair to quadruple. You drive with a failed waterpump, you easily end up with a blown head gasket. So. The money we will spend to repair this is close to what we pay to live in this place. Big ol' one-finger salute to property management companies.

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