Monday, February 04, 2008

how lame of me

I sometimes have crises of conscience at work. I often can't stand that I'm putting all of this "food" on the shelf for people. And so much of it is deceptive. "Healthy" snacks full of unpronounceable crap and refined sugars, like the "meal-replacement" bars and energy bars. Clif is the one I've seen that I would be ok with eating. That's one out of probably 50 brands and types I stock. All the snack food loaded with salt, the perishable (refridgerated deli) foods with two, three and four-week self lives. That's disgusting.

The lady I often work with is a year younger than me and already has a problem with high blood pressure. I'm not even 40 yet. She isn't heavy or overweight by any means.

I'm meeting a lot of people who are right around my age with problems like high blood pressure. That's crazy! I think of it as an "old person's disease" but then there's my dad, skidding in to 70, in near-perfect health, shacked up with a Thai woman literally half his age. Go, dad!

Seems like everyone I know over 45 is diabetic or teetering on the edge of it. Mom has stopped the progression of her diabetes in its tracks. Go, Mom!

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  1. My The Wife™ was very worried about me following her into Diabetes II, and then I had to go into the doctor to have an infection looked at.

    Got my blood sugar tested ... right within spec. Right where it should be. She's still thrilled.

    All I do is walk while I'm at work. I can cover slightly over a mile in 30 minutes. And I stick to it.

    They go on and on on the radio about how "one small step" will do it. It's true. My blood sugar was a little high. I still have a good deal of weight to lose, just a mile a day's walk won't make much of a dent in that, but this activity is a start toward more activity.

    And if you just want to improve your chances, a little activity (unless the doctor says otherwise), I've found, won't kill ya!