Saturday, February 02, 2008

oh and then this

I just wanted to share something kinda funny.

In my travels around the town lately, I have seen some people stuck in the snow. You know who I see stuck in the snow the most? Big, lifted 4x4s with knobby tires. You know why they're stuck in the snow? They get cocky. It seems they forget about this thing called "high centering". They forget (or never knew) that on most 4wd vehicles, it really is only 2wd. One front drive wheel and one opposite rear drive wheel. If you run your giant idiotmobile into a drift in a lifted 4wd and can't get it out, you deserve to walk.

You know who I don't see stuck? Old timers. People who grew up here. Folks who live on ranches. And drive around in their 10-year-old Lincoln Continentals or 40-year-old pick-em-up trucks. Guys with dirty cowboy hats and short hair. And its often these folks I see out trying to help the giant idiotmobiles out of whatever mess they drove themselves into. And shaking their heads and smiling all the while. I love it.

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  1. My last car was a small plain sedan without 4WD, knobby tires, or anything to help with traction. I confess that I enjoyed driving it slowly and safely on a snow-covered street past a big 4WD stuck in the ditch. A few years ago when Portland had a big snow- and ice-storm, I drove into town in I-5 past four or five SUVs that had slid off the freeway trying to climb the Barbur Boulevard hill.