Saturday, February 02, 2008

Why I babble so about the snow

It's still a relatively new experience for me. This is my third winter here. Had I a blog when I first moved to Coos Bay, I would have babbled about all the rain for a while.

But I gotta say, Holy Cow, when will it stop? We've had snow every day for almost two weeks. More snow predicted for the next two weeks, except I think there's a one-day break in there.

I have only wiped out twice so far this year. No injuries :P I saw a dude wipe out pretty bad walking across a street a couple of days ago. At least traffic stopped for him.

Anyway on the shopping list for next year will be two pairs of snowboots with tread, or some of those ice biters they make, or something. More thermals. A snow shovel (someone I know has two, so they lent us one).

There is enough snow at the edges of our driveway that when I came home last night, I struggled to get the door of the Scootypuff open so I could get out.

We had a big plow berm where our street meets the main road. One of the neighbors came home over it one afternoon and lost it, ended up sliding sideways down the street. He ended up calling someone out to plow here so we could get in and out. It's hard getting to the houses in any direction, actually.

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