Friday, February 08, 2008

traffic jam!

We had a pretty incredible clusterfuck on my street yesterday afternoon. Our street runs parallel to the main road, and to get onto it you have to make a couple of fast lefts. The 5 inches of packed snow that was its surface melted into mush yesterday afternoon. When I came home from doing some stuff, there was a Suburban with a trailer sort of blocking the intersection, and there were three cars in strange positions on the parallel road. No way I could get in. So I drove down to the park to turn around. This would make it so I could make a right onto the street. No dice. Still blocked. Went down a block to come up the back way, which is downhill, then a three-house straightaway, then a curve, then uphill and to get home i would just have to get up the little hill and kick a right.

Got stuck on the uphill part. Parked it, hit the hazards, walked up to the house to get the shovel. Two people had managed to get their cars out, thanks to a crew of guys in the white suburban who had... thank you very much... a heavy-duty winch. They were working on getting a 4wd suburban unstuck from the 3 feet of snow in the neighbors yard. When they were done, they took my shovel and ran down to the scootypuff and started shoveling it out. With their help pushing it, we got the puff up to the range of the winch and hooked it up, hauled it up the hill. Then they pushed it all the way to our driveway. There was absolutely no traction to be had.

So all that shit refroze last night, and this morning it's a nightmare of solid ice and woopdedoos. It's hard even getting the Fo through it in 4WDL with main gears in L. The puff won't be traveling today. There's no way in hell it'll go on the road out front. Once I'm done at work I will probably go out and try to do some shoveling on the road. Hopefully it will have melted a bit again by then. But at some point I'm calling the city to see if they can come by and plow these three roads- our road, the one it insersects with on the curve and the one where it meets the other main road. No one with a regular car can get in or out of their house right now, regardless of what kind of tires they have.

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