Monday, December 29, 2008

catchin up

i have just been enjoying my fuckoff time, even though i am not fucking off as much as i would like to.

School- slam dunk. A's in the CIS and Art History class. Passed math with a C. (sigh) I have to figure out how to make math interesting to me.

Fambly- I am the proud owner of a new stepmother! Dad's wife #4 joined our family about three weeks ago. Dad's happy, so I guess that's what is important.

Music- our Christmas benefit went really well. We presented a fairly large check to the local foodbank and a big can of food for them.

Weather- (points at Portland and laughs, then apologizes). Currently about 15 inches of snow on our ground, but melting fast with a warmer wind and rain the last couple of days. More snow on the way. It's currently a balmy 48.3 degrees on our front porch.

Goofin- New bottle of rapidograph ink on its way courtesy of my fabulous mom. And more drawing paper. And who knows what else.

General wa-hoo- Since 5th grade, I have been in love with this book. After that many years of trying to hunt it down in stores, check it out at libraries (it's always out, and never coming back) I bought myself a copy for my birthday. I am jumping out of my skin waiting for it. I wish it was here RIGHT NOW!

Holiday Lewt- new stepmom, Norman McClean's "Young Men and Fire". A Fidji's munchie setup, homemade coconut biscotti, inflatable toast, homemade fudge, various cards and letters, a day spent with just my smart half, an idea that struck like lightning, good friends, the news that one of my nutty aunts is doing okay with chemo for breast cancer, blue sky and fresh snow on christmas day, a cozy solstice with friends, two travelin coffee mugs, homemade zucchini, banana and pumpkin breads, some dollah bills... created another rabid Chris Cornell fan (now I have someone to squeal with).

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fall '08

Yay the term is over and I'm done with my finals. weee! Already got my grade back for the computer class, an A. Think I did well on the art history test. Probably totally floundered in the damn math class. ouch. Must. Try. Harder.