Saturday, February 28, 2009

a neat lady

I have, over the past few months, become friends with a really neat old lady. She's about 70 and has a very active and inquisitive mind. I started teaching her to play the guitar a couple of months ago, and she's kicking ass at it. She is playing "House of the Rising Sun", and she figured out how to transpose it to other keys on her own. When she first started, I played my fingerstyle arrangement for her and she swore she'd never be able to do it. Ok she's got the chords and is real close to being able to pick through it. She gets a fistbump and a hellyeah. She memorized the string names to "Every Awesome Dude Goes Bonkers Early". And we sing "House of the Rising Sun" with the Gilligan's Island theme song words. And then we just laugh til we cry because we're crackin ourselves up.

"Mama Weer All Crazy Now" is a scream when you play it all fingerpickin/folky style.

I had left a damaged but still totally playable Spanish classical guitar at her house for her grandson to goof off on and then she brought it out one day and started asking me about it. Her grandson has a mean rhythm hand. He is on it. He's 8.


all the noise about decriminalization is very interesting. I just want the grows out of the forests. How can we do that? Hmm. Maybe someone will figure it out soon.

Buy local! Know your grower!

Friday, February 20, 2009


I have an A in my math class right now, with like three weeks left to go. A solid 91%! I can hardly BELIEVE it! You are reading the writings of someone who failed basic math over and over and over until the first quarter of her sophomore year in high school (when she was shuffled off to "business math" so I could get my math quota to graduate).

For me to have an A in a math class, well, it just about makes me want to cry, squeal, laugh, holler, shout, etc.

On the other hand, I am not feeling very challenged by my cultural geography class. :(

Plus, my dad said he was going to come back to the states for my graduation from KCC. He said he's been waiting 20 years for it. heh.

Monday, February 16, 2009

zip zowie

Hell yeah aced all three of my midterms including the math one. I was so shocked to get that I even had to ask the teacher if my grade sheet was actually mine and not someone else's.

Next week is the final class in the Historic Land Management community education class I signed up for. It's been a great class so far.

I'm looking at U of Idaho at Moscow for my Bachelor's. It's the only college that offers what I want to take.

Had a great show on KTEC yesterday. Friday, there was an information panel offered in town here on the Israel-Palestine conflict. I had the two organizers come on the show and talk about the panel, and it went really smoothly. I was surprised that the phone wasn't clanging away, but it wasn't really presented in a way that was confrontational. So either no one was listening or no one felt offended enough to call and tell me how offended they were.

And to top off a pretty sweet month, I learned to play "Mama Weer All Crazee Now" on the guitar. I play it acoustic, having learned the Slade one and then filtering it through the Runaways version rather than the Quiet Riot one. I even sing it.

In December I was given a stack of promo stuff from a local Alliance sales rep. Some good shit in there. Heavy Trash, anyone?

Thursday, February 05, 2009

not what it was

A new Michael's store opened up here in town. So I went, because I'm hoping to finally have a local outlet to buy my Rapidograph ink. I loved the store when I lived in places that had it before.

Nope. No Rapidograph anything there. In fact, 80% of the store is dedicated to scrapbooking. Pft.