Monday, March 31, 2008

update on inconvenience store "outrage" lol

The disheveled-looking guy got a ticket for... standing around, I guess. He probably won't ever pay for the ticket he got. In fact, eventually, the city/county will pay for him to stay the night and have dinner

Meanwhile, the dumbass cops missed out on an easy $200+ for the city by ignoring the jackass parked in a place he wasn't supposed to be.

That certainly explains a lot.


yay today is first day at college all over again #2. I have an afternoon class. I have my books. I have my notebook with pockets and holes and the necessary amount of lines on the paper. I have my swell little school-issued "dayplanner and everything else we think you'll need" book. I even have two pens and two pencils, which I will lose by tomorrow morning.

I have a goal this time around and registered with it in mind. For someone who sets goals usually five minutes in advance and then fails to reach them due to poor planning and ooh! a shiny!, that's really saying something. I'm not going to save the earth, but I will have a piece of paper that says I spent all this time and money to not just learn stuff, but prove I learned stuff and that I'm a productive member of society and have been properly indoctrinated in the ways of prevailing higher education thinking. This will enable me to draw/paint/photograph/etc pretty pictures for a living, somehow. Or so they tell me. I am suspicious, as always.

My friend The Warthogger is 10 years older than me (10 years and 11 days to be exact) and this will be her last semester on a 4-year business & marketing degree. She has been and will be my personal ass-kicker.

september 14

That's the day after our blues festival. I'm dying for September 13 to get here, because it's going to be a good time, but the 14th is when we will all be able to say, "HELL YEAH!!!! WE did it!"

So yeah, Back Door Slam is headlining our festival. Tony Castro will, as I understand it, be here as well. I don't know who else we have booked right now. But it's all going to rock. Two beer gardens both full of locally brewed beers. On a lake. The weather here in September is usually awesome.

Time will drag until then. Then, it'll be Sept 11, and there will be a whirlwind of crazed, nervous activity until the morning of the 13th and then I will explode with joy to have been a part of it, even though it's a small part. And I will drink until i barf. Or I will barf until I can drink again. Not sure what. I'm sure there will be barfing involved somehow... and drinking, but the order they arrive in may not be set in stone yet...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

This morning at the inconvenience store

City PD officers rushed in to the parking lot, presumably to ticket the truck full of guys, obviously not handicapped, who were parked in the handicapped spot.

But no! They were there hassling a disheveled-looking guy standing next to the parking lot.

Having already learned my lesson about the consequences of questioning the activities of an officer, I shut up, but I did call the PD and tell them.

comment on a cd

I was going through some of the CDs the station has, and found a Lunachicks one. Written across the face of it in black ball point pen was "This music is HORRID".

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


did you vote?

better have. If you didn't, you're an America-hating commie that wants the terrorists to win, you're a devil-spawn lib'ral baby killer, and a granola chomping hippy. Ruminate the wheat grass!


is it about being a winger (right or left, honestly) that makes some people into such humorless fascists? Jeebus on a stick, I hope if anyone ever caught me taking myself so seriously they'd throw a friggin pie in my face.

another lol

but this one you must click on and vote on. MUST. Because I say so. And if you don't, you love GW Bush and hate recycling, and must drive a Cadillac Escalade and enjoy wasting the gas and running over poor people on the corners with their "Will Hump Your Leg For Food" signs.

crazy, funny pix
Enter the Make Ur Lolcat Famous Contest

Monday, March 24, 2008

Another thingie

I jumped in headfirst last night.

In the past, I had only given select people copies of my "#1 hit song". I posted it here and there, maybe once or twice a year, and if you got it then, good for you, because it probably wasn't going to reappear again for a while. Ah, yes, and for good reason, right?

It occurred to me a couple of nights ago to give myself a kick in the ass and get something off the ground. So I opened a new myspace thing up, dropped my song on it, wrote a little bit, threw a picture at it and some "be my friend" things.

So this new myspace thingie is my way of pushing myself to get more of my stuff recorded. It's not like it's a big issue- I have the four-track and I have the way to move it from tape to digital without any big hassle. What i tend to neglect to do is THE WORK involved in recording stuff. I will play my goofy ass shit live for anyone who asks. But record it? That is my brick wall.

We all know I can't sing, and my guitar playing is pretty basic. Neil Young can't sing, and neither can Bob Dylan, so no point in laughing at me because of that. In fact, no point in laughing at me at all, cos i just don't give a shit.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Take my money, already

Big sort of unpleasant surprise at the station this morning. Threw me off for a good half hour before I could get it all working mostly right, and then all was smooooov as old scotch. Unfortunately, no recording exists to share my righteous "winging it on unfamiliar equipment but not wrecking everything" radio show, because that was part of the problem and it had to be dealt with by the station's software engineer.

Next time...

But then, i came home and proceeded to pay bills. I had 9 bills. I was able to pay 5 of them without any trouble. Found that two have to wait until Monday. One of them I waited in line for 45 minutes (big surprise, at the Sprint store) only to be told I would have to call some other number to take care of it. Already after spending a half hour on the phone trying to deal with it. The last one went was unpayable over the phone or online so I headed to a pay station, and then the fun began. I forgot the PIN on our card, and then maxed the retries... two hours later the damn thing was paid but it took an unreasonable amount of brainpower to do it. So yeah I left the house at about 2:30 and got done giving money away at 6PM, and then had to do grocery shopping for another hour and a half.

Well, I was looking for "I Hate Banks", but this is damn close enough.

Friday, March 21, 2008

winter gets the last word

Came home from the jam a little early last night, just before midnight.

It was snowing.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

we want the airwaves baby

Today I'm just pushing buttons on the KBS show for half of it and then someone else will come in.

But I'm also preparing the songs for Saturday's Ear Candy show.
Last week's "loose theme" was St Patrick's Day, of course, and so I played some songs by Irish bands, songs about Ireland, and some songs that just kind of sounded Irish. Played some Therapy?, "Celtic Aggression" by Tonic, "Hot Asphalt" by Bedlam Rovers, a few other songs.

This week, it's politics. Mostly because the rumor flying around is that Obama is coming to Medford. I have some real gems for this one. "Rappin Ron Reagan". Anyone remember that? Released during Reagan's second race for pres, it's screamingly funny. "Politician" of course, by Cream. "Map of Your Failure" by Big Chief. That's not officially a politics song, but it has a line about "Kissing hands and shaking babies til I turn gray in the face". So therefore it has to be in there. Plus, it has a fantastic groove.

And for The Halfway Point, I'll be playing some songs by my bro Rudy in Ontario. You can hear some of his songs

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

my lol

funny pictures
moar funny pictures


... to the OIT Owls for winning their second NAIA championship in Branson, MO!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On the Air!!!

Jesus, that shit is fun. I don't know how many listeners there are on a college campus at 9 am on a Saturday, but I kind of don't care.

The Ear Candy show already has something of a structure to it. A good song to wake up to (like Slayer's "South of Heaven"), halfway through do the recordings of regular people playin and singin, something of a theme every week with music to match it (not a crushing theme, just probably ten songs sprinkled in that adhere to it somehow), and the final station ID and heading out with a couple of cover songs. Throw in a little talking with someone, happening soon, and it's good clean fun.

I slipped last week. heh. I let two songs go that had words in that we aren't allowed to say. One had "shit" in it ("suppose... I accidently got my shit together") and another one that had "fucking" in it. What's weird is I listen to these two songs fairly often and the words just didn't even register til I was playing them on the air. lol!

I listened to KXLU and 91x a lot as a teenager. KROQ didn't come in where I lived, but the San Diego version of it did (91x). KWVE, out of San Clemente, was also in there and had a great late night show full of crazy music, but then they went to Christian programming at some point. So those are my radio influences. I loved the KWVE show. There was always a surprise to listen to. Drifting off at 1 am on a school night to Freur's "Doot Doot" song...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

2 down

KBS Blues show #2 on KTEC is in the can. #1 was in the can, until I accidentally deleted it. So, beat me severely about the head and shoulders with damp macaroni til I scream, because we now have no record of the first show, and it's all my fault.

Also, Lady Low's Ear Candy Show will have it's inaugural broadcast either this saturday from 9 to 12 or next saturday from 9 to 12. It's supposed to be crapass snowing this weekend so my trip to the coast may be postponed, and if it is, I'll do the LLEC show instead.

LLEC promises to be interesting. I have a couple of fun people lined up to come on and tell us all about it.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Toyota takes two!

I watch NASCAR with my Smart Half and with one of my friends. It's not my favorite racing series. I really enjoy GT and open-wheel races, but no one else likes to watch them with me so i tend to not watch them much.

But yesterday I got to holler and be goofy, because Toyota cars took first and second at Atlanta Motor Speedway. I got to yell "Wooooohoooo! Big Three got FACED!!!!" at a Chevy maniac. And even though my friend's driver, Tubby Stewart, got second, it was in a Toyota and I had to give miserable props for it.

Now, my guy in Nascar is Montoya. He's so wonderfully arrogant and he drives car 42, which we all know is the answer to life, the universe and everything. He didn't place as high as I would have liked yesterday. Last year he was in a Toyota and this year he's in a Dodge (aka MOPAR aka Move Over People Are Racing). He should go back to the Toyotas.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Maybelle Carter... sit through the interview and you can see her do the famous Carter scratch on the geetar.

Ok that's it for this week i think. Food's on!

from 611 & The SOS in 1985 to this...

Calexico... Joey Burns singing, whom I had a huge crush on when I was a sophomore at Palos Verdes High School and he was a senior. Still love his music, too.

A little Gordie Johnson...

Gordie was the guitar player/vocalist for Big Sugar. This is him performing one of my favorite songs by them. One I'd actually been trying to learn for a while, and now I see why I was never able to nail it... capo... hehe.

I'll reserve Sundays for bombarding the world with this stuff...


Coming up on March 12 is the 80th anniversary of the failure of the St. Francis Dam

The Santa Clarita Valley history site has about all the information about it you'd possibly care to look for, from links to poems and songs about it, to pictures and interviews with people who survived the flood.


sharing my perversions...
Therapy? Die Laughing. I play this song a lot, I have an acoustic version of it that I jam on, love singing it, blah blah blah... adore Therapy?

riding away into the fog

Off to visit much missed friends again this weekend.

This means you, Wyrd. And Tam. And The Bone. And the Hoov, too.

The Blarney Bros are a-playin and since I have missed them at every St Patrick's Day deal, it's time I went and supported THAT friend, too.

hope i'm done

having been sick since Christmas, with being hit with one cold after another, several times while the one cold was still very much active. The last one rolled through last week. I gave up on cold medicine. While it often helped, it was getting to be an expensive habit. My ribs and sides are so sore from coughing I feel like I've been kicked.

People are asking me if I feel alright. I feel better than I did yesterday, or last week, or even in the middle of January, but I am not yet back to normal. More than once out in public some friend or another has said, "Jesus! You look like crap!" Thanks! Just what a girl needs to hear. I'm so effing tired, too. I'm down five more pounds, which is okay, I just didn't lose it by eating well and exercising. But I have got to buy some new pants sometime soon.

Back Door Slam in Bend again

On April 14. Going to try to make it up there again for this one.

I saw that the Subhumans were going to be in Bend. I was overjoyed! I started figuring out how I was going to be able to do two shows. Then I checked. Bah, it's just the UK Subhumans. While I like them, I'm not as excited about them as I am the CA Subhumans.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

OK since the last one worked...


The ones I really adore aren't on the site. They mostly came from the "Feeler" album that was not ever released... but I have it for some reason?

I have always loved Todd Lewis' voice. I love HOW he sings, his inflections and weird little yeahs and heys. He just has a really slippery voice and I love it, I love singing along with it. It makes me practice my growls and all that.

tryin somethin new

This is Davy Knowles, the guitar player and singer in Back Door Slam.

We are just about peeing ourselves about having them come down here.

Freakin Overjoyed

We got em. The Blues Society got Back Door Slam for our headlining act at our Blues Festival this year. These guys are SO AWESOME. Go check em out.

Back Door Slam

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Just successfully did the blues society's first radio show, along with Paul, one of our guitar players. Didn't say much because we were getting the hang of all the buttons and everything, and there was only a little bit of dead air.

We recorded the show and I suppose over the weekend a recording will be available :)

papers and pencils

Now officially a college student again. yikes.

I did really well on the reading and writing part of the placement test. I sucked on the math part. Put it this way- I scored 94 and 95 in reading and writing. The leftovers between 95 and 100 is right around what I got on the math part.

damn that's funny.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Three is a magic number

Today I sent my transcript requests off to the two colleges I attended previously. Which is pointless, because although I was never on academic probation, I failed miserably. But, they said I had to do this. So, it is done.

Thursday I will take my English and Math placement exams.

The local college does not have a degree in what I want. But they have an AA. They also have this thing called Technical Studies, which appears to be a sort of build-your-own degree, but I'm not sure because, really, the language describing it doesn't actually SAY anything. Just a bunch of big eduwords strung together and taking up a page in the catalog. If I was at all interested in paramedical services or health care, I'd be in a great place. It isn't my thing at all though. I suppose I just don't really have enough empathy to work in that industry. Or maybe it's too much empathy. Whatever.

We're falling further and further behind, and I'm just going to have to suck it up and get financial aid to do this. It's hard to find good full-time work when the Help Wanted page is all of a column and a half.

I will start my first semester here in the spring. Taking one class, the college success one. Obviously, I need it. Second one will be summer, and I think I will shoot for a little less than full-time.

I'm scatterbrained and disorganized and suck at math and I have GOT to find some way to overcome this whole issue of being easily bored, daydreaming in classes, disregarding deadlines and being totally unable to keep my shit together. You know, in other words, having the attention span of a common housefly.

I am both excited and terrified. I don't know if I can do the whole deal. How can I make myself work for me?