Monday, February 16, 2009

zip zowie

Hell yeah aced all three of my midterms including the math one. I was so shocked to get that I even had to ask the teacher if my grade sheet was actually mine and not someone else's.

Next week is the final class in the Historic Land Management community education class I signed up for. It's been a great class so far.

I'm looking at U of Idaho at Moscow for my Bachelor's. It's the only college that offers what I want to take.

Had a great show on KTEC yesterday. Friday, there was an information panel offered in town here on the Israel-Palestine conflict. I had the two organizers come on the show and talk about the panel, and it went really smoothly. I was surprised that the phone wasn't clanging away, but it wasn't really presented in a way that was confrontational. So either no one was listening or no one felt offended enough to call and tell me how offended they were.

And to top off a pretty sweet month, I learned to play "Mama Weer All Crazee Now" on the guitar. I play it acoustic, having learned the Slade one and then filtering it through the Runaways version rather than the Quiet Riot one. I even sing it.

In December I was given a stack of promo stuff from a local Alliance sales rep. Some good shit in there. Heavy Trash, anyone?

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