Sunday, August 27, 2006


That's easier to say than "Blues Brews and Brats". So that was yesterday. I went rather late, got snuck in and given a couple of beer bracelets. It was all kind of a letdown. If i'd paid to get in i would have been pissed. Good cause and all, not such fantastic planning on someone's part. The Blues Society has nothing to do with it. But our jams run smoother than it did. Some of us BS members sat around together and laughed at the bitches who were at the last jam. By bitches i refer more to some of the egotistical and self-important asshole guys (invariably guitar players) who strut in out of nowhere and expect special treatment. Like, the last jam was THE LAST JAM at the place we've been having it, so there were a ton of people there. And a handful bitched because of some perceived slight or another, and you just kind of look at them like, "This has been going on for years, and you just now show up, and you complain, well where the fuck have you been that you have a leg to stand on with your complaints and whining? Shut up and have a beer or five". One of the snivelers was a drummer. Which is really strange. Drummers are generally really laid back, and you get the tantrums from singers and guitar players. Maybe he should switch instruments, cos he couldn't drum fer shit.

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