Wednesday, August 30, 2006

distance measured in 12 month increments

No one in my family has seen me play. Some have heard crummy recordings made over the years.

My mom says she is going to try to come up and visit in October. This will be a nice change from Smart Half and I embarking on these long-ass trips to various parts of the country to see family members. I told her she should take the train. She can take one of the subway lines out of Redondo to Union Station and pay less than $100 for a seat that will pull her through some gorgeous country she might not otherwise see, but she says she's goint to drive, because there are people on the way she wants to visit. I wince. I know how my mom drives. My mom's driving is why I drive the way i do. I don't understand how you can live in Los Angeles for 40-plus years and still be a timid driver. And she's been hit a few times, which i think is directly related to her timidity behind the wheel. But that's where I learned to drive, and Smart Half still kind of makes me drive through large metropolitan areas.

I guess she's going to take the 5 up, but i told her it might be better to cut over to the 97 from Weed when she gets there. I'm relatively fearless, but i don't like the 140, and if i never drive the 66 again i'll die happy, and i told her that, so she hopefully understands the magnitude of how i feel about those two roads, which i avoid even more in the winter. And i'm still not sure how the weather here is in October. I worry about her. But she's my mom, and she DID raise me, so i'm sure she can handle just about anything else thrown at her.

So i hope when she gets her she is willing to come and see me play somewhere, that she's willing to sit in a seedy bar with bad ventilation to finally see me do something i'm good at. She's already seen me do the other thing i'm good at- get into trouble, but since this is more constructive, i hope she'll enjoy it and herself.

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