Saturday, August 12, 2006

eyeing a prize

On Monday I'm going to apply for a job. Whoa!

It's the first job i've seen in a long, long time that i wanted to apply for, though, and Smart Half has sort of encouraged me and convinced me that i should.

The local Toyota dealership is about to expand a little bit and they're looking for techs. Not just certified ones. They're also looking for people who have experience and aren't certified, and will help those people get their certification. So I'm all over that. Because I'd like to get my ASE cert in brakes. I have for a long time. Weird little dream. I'd love to have that patch. Everytime i see someone with one on their work shirts, i think, "Man, i was stupid". And that's some painful truth.

And, hell, it would be great to work at a Toyota dealership.

1 comment:

  1. Good on you. I tell you, a decent mechanic is worth her weight in plantium, be your specialty brakes or whatever it should be.

    Make us proud.