Friday, August 11, 2006

rock this town

yay i think the rockabilly band thing is gonna happen. So happens the kid who got the KBS scholarship had been wanting to do one and we were talking last night and that somehow popped into the conversation. So, he's looking for a drummer. I have my usual response, "Keep in touch". Because a couple of other local dudes want me over with them at the next 3rd Thursday, and they're also looking for a drummer. They have all this stuff they want me to be able to play, but... funny... no one has given me a list or a CD or anything, so i have to go deal with one of them in person today and get all professional at him. lol. Anyway the rockabilly thing is cool, got me on the bass, the kid on the git, another kid on the sax. It'll be fun. More young'ns to corrupt. Ok no i'll be good. really. They're really TOO young to corrupt. Better to let them corrupt themselves and i can tell them later how well their handiwork did.

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