Monday, August 21, 2006

played out

thursday- 3rd thursday, then the jam. Friday, no jamming. Saturday, the wake at the place we hold the jams. They're closing. we have one more week there. Sunday- the NEW company picnic. It's a call center. It was freakin hot up there.

Saturday i was choked by bbq smoke all night, and then again most of Sunday. Not really complaining. Its nice to bbq in your yard and stuff, but its different when someone is bbqing for 200 people (saturday) and 800 people (sunday).

i'm hoping that my persistent state of exhaustion is just lethargy from heat.

The application for the dealership is formidable. All online (and mostly not working right) and they want my entire job history. The one that stretches back to 1985. The one that has a lot of jobs in it. not fair i say. I don't even remember probably 1/4 of the jobs i've had.

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