Tuesday, September 19, 2006

getting hard to get around

a couple of weeks ago, one of the people who won one of the four photographs i donated for a fundraiser stopped me in the store and told me she loved the photo and was really stoked to have won it, and that i'm good at it. And then over the weekend, someone whose opinion i really respect, as far as local musicians go, said i was becoming a very good drummer. So Smart Half is joking that she's using an industrial air compressor and making my head huge.

But hey, it sure is nice to get a little compliment once in a while, outta nowhere like that.

oh and now i have some drums in the garage. They aren't mine, but they are set up and i have permission to goof on them. So, y'know, look out Neil Peart! I'm comin to gitcha.

Oh and Mike asked a very good question in the comments. I am formulating an answer for it, but i'm also trying to get my SUAPYG thing together for next week. Both involve thinking minus rambling and both are probably going to be intertwined somehow, and what passes for "philosophical" in my world.


  1. I'm in no hurry. It was kind of an unanswerable question anyway.

    But that doesn't mean you shouldn't take a stab at it.

  2. oh i intend to take a stab at it. My best friend is working on her psych degree with an emphasis on Music Therapy.

  3. I am sure I can't handle it. My spiritual healer told me to go on a macro-biotic diet, and I thought she meant to super-size at Burger King.

    Wrong again!