Friday, September 08, 2006

your issues, not mine

Last night at the jam one of the guitar players was wearing this cool necklace i'd sold him. it's a piece of women's jewelry, but he's the kinda guy that if he sees something he likes, he's gonna buy it and he's gonna wear it. Some guy who probably thought he was funny came up and snickered, "You know that's a woman's necklace, right?" to which my fearless friend replied, "I don't have any masculinity issues so i don't really care. And besides, look at the cute redheaded bass player over there. She's got men's pants on. You gonna go tell HER?". I'm the cute redheaded bass player in question. bwahahaah! This new place we jam is funny. A lot of the patrons are so blatantly self-concious about what they wear and how they look, and they try to be so cooooool about it. So me and the guitar player just have tons of shit to laugh at, and all we do is sit at a table sometimes and check people out.

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