Monday, September 18, 2006

How canoeing is like crack.

When you're on a gorgeous river or creek, and you're just paddling along, and it's a winding sort of path...

You think, "man, i need to take a break to eat this sandwich or rest my arms or take a swig of water" and then you round the bend, and there's another bend... and you think "ok i'll just paddle up and see what's around that bend and then beach it for my sandwich" and you paddle around that bend, and there's another one, with a more killer view, so you have to go around that bend, and eventually, "Wow, i'm pretty far away from the landing, i've been paddling for a few hours now and i'm starving"... but then the creek starts getting more and more shallow, and maybe your finally at the headwaters and can take a break and eat that sandwich, rest your arms.. so you keep going and another hour passes by and finally, you're at the headwaters, and you beach it and get out and eat that sandwich finally, and sit around for another hour or two enjoying it. Pretty soon, the sun is heading down, and you realize you'd paddled for four hours to get where you are... "well, with the current it'll probably take half the time..."

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