Monday, September 25, 2006

wot say

For the past couple of months, when i travel out northwards from town, and on some days when the wind is coming from the north, i've been greeted with smoke. It's been coming from a fire burning near Crater Lake. Of course, some days, the whole basin was full of smoke and haze from fires burning in all directions... west (and i was never able to find out which ones those were), south (from Modoc, Shasta-Trinity, Lassen, areas). I don't think we ever caught any smoke from the one near Lakeview, but i can't say that for sure.

So today there was an article in the local paper about the the Bybee complex (the one near Crater Lake). This is the first time i've seen anything about that fire in our local paper. You would think they would have had something about it, considering it's been burning since the middle of July. But, with local papers, who knows. I beg them for work as a proofreader so they can stop embarassing themselves.


  1. And somewhere down the road, Klamath Falls will again show up on the list of cities with bad air pollution. Nearby fires will be a primary reason for it, but the stigma will be as if Klamath Falls has diry air from industrial pollution, autos, etc.

  2. jeez, did i ever mention the dirt storm in the spring? We had a really windy day, one day, a dry one, and the air was just brown from dirt being blown around. From the farms? I have no idea what it was all from.

    If people believed our air was bad from industrial pollution they'd be fools. heh. I think the worst offender here is the asphalt plant on the south end of town, but its just stinky rather than particulate, i think.

  3. Thanks for the link to this article.

    It is mostly propaganda: carefully selected half-truths with major holes accompanied by outright falsehoods. For instance, how much have the Bybee Fires cost per acre? And did they actually achieve the stated "forest improvement" goals of the NPS? Will any outside, independent audit and assessment of NPS claims be made?

    But this is a useful article in that it reveals the false face, the smiling visage, the confident demeanor, and the empty words of the propagandists. Like TV ads for used cars, the NPS spiel lacks essential credibility. And I can use it for fodder at my rantsite.