Wednesday, September 06, 2006


ok i'm kind of looking for a job.

I'd filled out most of my app for lithia on their stupid, retarded, IE compatible only, online only bullshit thing, and then went to finish it and found my work gone. That was a few hours of frustration and telling them things no job should be asking for. Imagine how happy i was.

So then i found another thing that i wouldn't mind for a job. And it's a don't call, come down and fill out an app thing. So i've driven down the damn road its on probably four times now and, frankly, i don't see any trace of the place. It's a big place, with a big recognizable national logo, so you'd think it would be hard to miss. So i looked it up in the phone book, and called, and there's no answer.

The universe thwarts me when i look for work. It's why i stopped doing it for a long time. It gets pointless. I should just be in school.

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