Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Storm watch

I often feel like i'm the only person in the state who doesn't really care about Storm Large or Supernova or the Rock Star TV show. Part of it is the immunity to TV hype that i think i built up by not having cable (and thus no TV) for ten years. Another part is, damn, i can go hang out with all my friends (who are all musicians here) and see even more incredible drama than you can catch even on the cheesiest soap opera. I think most of the "reality" shows are lamelamelame anyway. Probably because of the group of friends i've had, both here and on the coast. You live in a smallish place, where the majority of your friends are musicians, and just about any TV show becomes boring.

So anyway, you just don't see much blabbering here about what's on TV, unless it's about some cartoon or something, because my real life is sometimes way more interesting to me than anything on the screen. Well, my real life is often pretty boring, but things pop up, usually every Thursday, that make me howl and giggle.

Am i saying i don't have any kind of ego or that i'm perfect? Hell no, i'm as big a fool as anyone else, and there are times my ego is so bloated i can barely fit through any given door, but it isn't fragile and i'm as prone to popping my own bubbles as i am to popping someone else's.

In about a week, i have a post coming up on FTTW that includes an MP3 of one our jams. You can hear me at my most mediocre on it, you can hear me laughing about how bad i'm playing and how bad someone else is. If you're lucky, you might have caught the MP3 of "200 beers" a few months ago on Wyrd's site. Truly awful it was, but i wrote it, i sang it, i played guitar on it, and i had the balls the put it out for criticism. Wonderfully, the worst i heard was "well that's interesting, Pril".

My own world is just much more interesting than TV. And i noticed once, watching Rockstar, when they did pans of the audience, that every single female was dressed pretty similar. Booooooring.


  1. "200 Beers" is better than you give it credit for!

  2. aw, thanks isaac :)