Saturday, January 13, 2007

and there is no trail of bodies!

Smart Half and I slapped a couple of patches on ourselves last night. I haven't had a smoke since about 11 PM. I didn't want one when i woke up. I haven't really wanted one today. I took a drag off someone else's and went "euw".

I'm hoping the patch works for me. When i've tried to quit cold turkey, my friends beg me to have one after about three days- if i make it that long without one. I'm always thinking about the thing i can't have when i try to go cold turkey.

The Wellbutrin made me homicidal. I just wanted to kill people. No. Seriously. No exaggeration or embellishment there.

I haven't been eating more (yet) and i don't find i need to play with things. To me, that means i'm a straight up nicotine addict. It's never been a "have something to do with my hands" kind of habit for me.


  1. Good for you, I quit 25 years ago. Hold out against temptations and friends offers...

  2. Keep it going of luck!

  3. Good luck, Pril! I quit a little over two years ago and it was tough as hell, but I don't even crave 'em any more.

  4. I'm pulling for you!! I quit 25+ years ago too when cigarettes were less than $5 a carton. Its sooooo worth it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I get to Sunset beach near Coos Bay pretty often. I didn't get there to get photos of snow on the beach though.