Thursday, January 04, 2007

relisten, reawake

I just dug out the Afghan Whigs album with "Honky's Ladder" on it. I think that's the name of the album, too.

Great album. I still love the "Honky's Ladder" song. What made it stick was "If you want to peep on something, peep what i got stuck between your eyes". I haven't listened to the album much since i started playing an instrument. So, it's been mothballed for 9 years and 6 months, approximately. Songs on it that i remember not really liking much i listen to with different ears, now.

That's one of the reasons i like that i started playing so much later than most people. I have two frames of reference on music, but only stuff that was released up to '97 or so, and things i've heard for the first time since then are picked apart. I lost a lot of the ability to be able to just listen to a song and enjoy it for the sake of it, i think. I have to tell myself to just listen, rather than analyze. Like the song because it's all rawr!!!youfeelittoooo!!!!, not because it has some neat, obscure tripletty diddly-woos and is in D Lydian or some thing like that.

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