Saturday, January 06, 2007

twenty-three years

It's been that long since i got to strap on some skates and get on the ice.

I toted a couple of people up to the Bill Collier Ice Arena last night. Two people who had never skated before. I was so excited to be doing it i was about ready to haul them over and shove them out on the rink so i could go, but i was nice and waited for them to get used to how the skates feel, and the walking in them on the rubber mats. And then... we were off!

Well. I was a little unsturdy when i first stepped out. I stuck by Natalie and Rachel as they worked their ways around the rink. Natalie clung to the rail but gamely made two laps around. She even managed to pass a couple of little kids who were also clinging to the rail. Rachel clung for her first lap, then scooted along for another one. I made three, away from the rail. Only three because i stopped a few times to scoot along with them, and then the rink was closing.

But we will go back! They both had fun and want to do it again. Both had new respect for Olympic figure skaters. We'd like to do it at least once a week. It's good excerize and god knows i need that.

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