Wednesday, January 10, 2007

so. cold.

The last few days we had freezing fog. It never lifted, just hung around the basin all day. With it hard to see my surroundings, i got lost a couple of times, thinking i was somewhere that i wasn't (the coast). Well, that happens to me. There are times i wake up and forget where i am. I guess it happens when you've lived in many houses.

But anyway, the freezing fog left some beautiful decoration behind. Some parts of town, entire trees are covered in a white rime. Over where i live, the ice is on the side of the prevailing wind. That wind comes right off the lake at our house, blowing in a southeasterly fashion, and leads me to understand what "bone-chilling" really means. i go outside with my wooly ear-flap hat, three layers of shirts, big ugly coat with the scorch mark on the back, wooly socks and the sheep boots. And still, "wow it's still cold under all this shit".

We actually have a wind chill warning for tomorrow and friday. The temperatures are allegedly going to dive into the minus range with the wind.

On my desktop, i have a picture of a pristine white beach, turquoise water, blue-as-blue sky and a nodding palm that i found on the Wunderground site. I've been looking at it an awful lot....


  1. I know what you mean with the freezing fog. We had that here in Oregon City for 3 days. It is so "cool"... yeah, cool, ha ha get it....? *~<:}

  2. I've never lived in a place where "freezing fog" was the forecast for the day. Yikes!