Thursday, January 04, 2007

well, four days in

pretty uneventful new year's eve. meh. Rearranged the house and watched the Metalocalypse marathon. I love Nathan Explosion.

And then all this stuff in the news. Makes me wonder about my reactions to things. Is what I feel about things the way I really feel about them, or the way I was taught to feel about them? Because I was taught that I shouldn't smile about some jerk swinging on a rope, but I was happy to see it happen, finally. I should care, I've been told, that President Ford is dead. So I tried to, for a few minutes, and then tried really hard to, and then gave up, because I don't remember him as a president very much. I have no connection with him. So, uh, goodbye President Ford. Wish I remembered you with some glowing words and flowery phrases. At least you didn't go out on a rope with shit in your pants.

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