Tuesday, January 30, 2007

pound pound

I've been playing the drums in public a lot. Well, a lot being probably once or twice a week. I have no drums to practice on at the house anymore. Here's a conversation I had last week at the jam, when i played the things for a whole set: (T is a damn good drummer who's opinion i respect)

T: You're getting pretty good on those! You did a great job on that set! You practicing?
Me: Thanks! Um.. no, the drums are gone over to K's house til it warms up again. This was my practice.
T: *odd look*. Well...
Me: T, I have no idea what i'm doing on those things.
T: Keep at it, you must be doing something right!

But damn one gets tired. I kept at it, i wanted to stop about half way through the set, i was about plum wore out, as they say. I'm still getting the hang of how to use the kick pedal right without fatiguing my whole freaking leg. I know i know... use the leg, not the ankle. Easier said than done, for now. The last song i think i pretty much fell apart. I got two swigs of my beer and had to get back to play bass, someone else's bass which was much weirder to play than mine. That'd be the J-bass i mentioned playing. It's much more responsive than my Ibanez. oooh it has brand new strings on it, which makes a diff. But the strings aren't as bendy as mine are. The bendiness makes up for the lack of responsiveness. I can fake it better when i make a farty sound on mine than i could on his. Plus, he has hamburger makers on the J. Roundwounds. And i'm used to flatwounds.

Still not smoking. :)


  1. Told you new strings make a difference.

    I am so intimidated by the J bass. I pick one up and realize how many good players have used them and then I realize how bad I suck. I'll stick to my POS Dean.

  2. I didn't like the new strings, though. I really didn't like how they sounded. I like my bendy old DR flats that have been on for six years.

  3. Keep on not smokin', except on the bass and drums. ;-> The best bass sound I ever heard in a local band was a Jazz bass played through I don't know what head and a single 15 inch speaker in a big Fender cabinet. Really solid bottom end, and he played with a big fat pick, so there was nice attack on all the notes, too.