Thursday, August 07, 2008

and she got a book

Because Naranja had given me such awesome pants, I had to find something at least as neat for her. I headed to the local museum in hopes of finding a sort of local history book with a lot of pictures. Her reading of English isn't as good as how well she can speak it. What I did find for her was a book of photographs from around Oregon. Of the land. I love these books- they show that Oregon is not just the green-weeping west of the cascades. That we have a painted desert, and both coastal and inland dunes, and a billion kinds of birds, and rocky wastelands and both evergreen and deciduous woods and forests, plains and wetlands. She really liked it and showed me the things she'd already seen here.

I have promised to go to Thailand to visit them. I have always wanted to see Thailand. My grandparents spent a lot of time there before I was born, and in their house were always great books about it, great objects to look at and contemplate. As a little, little kid, the stuff was wonderfully alien and fascinating to me. It still is. I want to see the wats, and feel the silks and hear the music, and the language and the alphabet.

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