Wednesday, August 06, 2008

comfiest pants in the world

Got to meet dad's girlfriend. I call her Naranja ("orange" in Spanish), because that's how I remember her name.. which is kind of similar sounding.

She brought my aunt and I both these Thai fishermen's pants... I just went and looked them up.

If everyone was wearing these pants, there would be no wars. I do firmly believe that.

Anyway, I like Naranja. She's the shortest person I know. Like, half as tall, literally, as my dad. But she's super nice and all that important stuff.

She got a dad's wild-ride-land-of-the-cowboys tour of the west. They landed in LA, drove to Vegas, drove to New Mexico (i think?), Colorado (Vail and Durango), cut west to Elko, then Klam, then down to Rogue River, and today, off to San Francisco, then back to Los Angeles.

She saw the Grand Canyon, Vegas, the huge desert that stretches from east of the I5 all the way to pretty much west Texas, the deepest lake in the Western US, the biggest lake in the WEstern US (or is that Salt Lake? Nevermind, she saw that too), volcanoes, lava flows, snow, four national parks although I am not sure of which four except Crater Lake and Grand Canyon. Rogue River, Lower Animus River, Colorado River, Klamath River. The Rockies. The Coast Range. The Alvord Desert. What a great trip. They stayed in a 3 million dollar condo in Vail, and a rathole in Tuba City. Local brews were tasted at every stop where they were available. I found out Pad Thai is only Pad Thai if it has shrimp in it. If it's another meat-thing, it's something else.

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