Sunday, August 17, 2008

how do you know?

I suppose my suspicions about people may be well-founded. They often seem unreasonable, but then I find out that the little voice in my head was right.

We're lied to from all quarters, all the time. Politicians, especially, of all stripes, just lie right to our faces and we suck it right up, and even yell about the other guy lying, but somehow manage to be blind to the fact that the guy we like is probably lying, too. Or the people who purport to have the truth... they may be lying. All these people running around calling the other guy a liar, are liars themselves. It doesn't matter if they have a D or an R next to their name, they're lying. About something. Pick something. Are you completely sure that your favorite is telling you the absolute truth? Would you bet your life on it? Then why get all drooly and out of breath about them? I don't even think there's any truth to be told anymore, to be my own brand of honest. Who the hell knows just what is and what is not total fabrication anymore? Even facts are fabricated and trotted out.

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