Thursday, August 21, 2008

the pants

First pants

This is the first pair we made. I picked the fabric. I love batik style prints and so any of these that have them I probably picked the material for.

Yesterday we picked up a sewing machine at Goodwill for $20. It is in the shop getting a tuneup currently. Once we dig Nat's machine out of storage, the Goodwill one will be mine.

I'm looking around online for places to buy hemp and bamboo fabric. I am going to do some printing on unbleached cotton for some of our pants. Man that bamboo and hemp stuff is expensive ($17 a yard!!! and that's cheap!!). That's what I would like to make some of the pants from, though.

The first pair I'll be making myself are for my Smart Half, out of flannel, long legs. I will probably be starting those Sunday night.

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