Tuesday, August 19, 2008

more about pants

Screamin Natalie and I eyeballed the fishermen's pants today, went out and picked a fine little fabric and some pattern-making stuff, and 5 hours later we had another pair without taking mine apart.

Well, ok, they aren't pants, they're shorts. But anyway, now another pair is wandering around the locale.

And I didn't sew very much, because I don't know how to use a sewing machine (but I can hone your cylinders for you...), but I helped make the pattern, pinned it on the fabric, and made efforts to cut in a straight line. Also I ironed. I threaded the needle (correctly, even, and more than once) and figured some other stuff out on the machine. That's plenty sewing enough for me. I can sew by hand pretty well, but never was able to master a machine. Well I may have, had anyone taught me, which nobody did and it never mattered much to me one way or the other. Screamin Natalie is determined to show me how to sew, though. I showed her my attempt at crochet from a couple of years ago- the 2-yard long rope of red yarn. She laughed. Yeah but I can still hand-pack wheel bearings like nobody's bidness.

I have pics of the pants we made. They'll be here eventually. Got a lot of puppy pics since she's caring for a dog that was abandoned, pregnant, at her neighbors house. These little guys are cute as hell. Part brindle coat pit bull (not sure which type- the kind with the pointy head instead of the blockhead) and part Rhodesian Ridgeback. They're all colored like their mom but have their dad's eyes. Which always look at us humans as if we were some tall, hairless idiots.

We probably are. If we were smart, maybe we'd lick our own asses from time to time.

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