Saturday, August 23, 2008

how not to keep your books

One of my friends worked at a local nightclub that's run by a complete moron. We knew this prior to the weekend, but she got laid off and went to go apply for unemployment yesterday. And found out there's no record of her working for this guy. Even though she isn't an under-the-table employee. He's been taking out her FICA, SS, etc every week, and pocketing it.

Fucking slimebag.

I've never liked the dude much. He just gave me the heebie-jeebies, and he's done some things to other employees that I thought was pretty despicable. They run a jam down there once a week but I rarely went and when I did I only grudgingly handed any money over to the place.

Well, apparently he has managed to get away with it- other employees who went to file for unemployment and didn't get it didn't pursue it any further than a shrug and an "oh well", but this friend of mine, she's a pitbull... She's calling BOLI on Monday.

I've run into some pretty shady business practices in KF. I know it's not confined to KF, but man it's just more prevalent here I guess.

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