Thursday, May 21, 2009

good stuff, maynard

The more I listen to middle eastern dance music, the more i love it. It's so free sounding. I think that's the polyrhythms but man, if there's something that makes me want to dance, this stuff is it. A ended up with a promo from a few years ago put out by Putumayo Records called Turkish Dance Groove. It doesn't have any artist info, but it says "A musical mix of Balkan, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern flavors mixed with sophisticated global pop and dance music". Whatever. It's good shit. I'm especially enamored by Gulseren and Bendeniz. I think both of these are Turkish..

I dig the different scales and vocal styles (different compared to western music), how the instruments are used differently than we would, and how seamlessly it meshes with techno stylings.

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  1. You might try snagging some Muslimgauze from the interweb music stealings.

    (I suggest stealings mostly because the now dead bastard who made the music donated profits to Hamas.

    Nonetheless the sounds are excellent, and without explicit political content beyond occasional song titles.

    I also suspect that none of the people currently selling his music are paying off the Iranians... especially since it'd be illegal for Soleilmoon to do so, even if they were inclined to, which I doubt.)