Saturday, December 29, 2007

11 and counting

inches, in my backyard, on the ground. More today, tonight and tomorrow!

I love my backyard in the winter. It fills up with snow. The neighbor cats come through and they're the only thing that disturbs the snow. They have a certain path they follow, a little route through the yard. I can only tell this in the winter time. There are two cats that come through out to the driveway through the gate, and one who comes up along side of the garage. This I know because the feet prints are three different sizes. There is a set of dainty little feet that hops through the snow, a set of bigger ones that has a belly drag in a couple of places and just meanders around, and a set that belongs to a cat who really doesn't like the snow.. that cat spends a lot of time shaking its feet out as it walks along.

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