Wednesday, December 26, 2007

12 26

We didn't do anything special for christmas. Just hung around the house and enjoyed a day off together. No stress, no frantic anything, no shopping, no cooking serious food. Just how i like it.

Wednesday another day in Siskiyou. Another white knuckle drive. Cheezus I hate driving in the winter here. It just gets worse in January, too.

If I smack the dashboard hard enough, push the slider button in a bit and move it back and forth, if the planets are aligned correctly and there are no solar storms, maybe I'll get heat in the car for a couple of minutes. For pete's fucking sake.


  1. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Is this vacuum heat thing?
    You may be able to find the control itself at the hose that feeds into the car, look around the firewall or up under the dash. Sounds like the vacuum switch isnt pulling the lever far enough.
    There should be two houses going into the firewall from the block and or water pump, one of those has a valve on it and I would guess that valve is vacuum operated and not working.

  2. yeah. vac controlled vents. They aren't opening. Or they open for 5 seconds and then close again. SOMETIMES you can hear them go "thunk" and open up. The heater core is working, water is flowing through it. The fans all work. I had it working for 10 minutes last week, at idle. We have a forcasted high in the mid-20s tomorrow with snow, or I'd be more willing to deal with it. None of my manuals has a vac diagram that's worth a shit, either. If I could just jam them open for the season I'd be happy.

  3. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Pencils might do it, worked on a Subaru I had...
    Dress warm!