Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ron Paul

Haven't paid much attention to the presidential candidates. And why would I, since in my mind, all politicians are liars and thieves, anyway...

But This Dr Paul is a Constitutionalist. And that's a huge red flag to me. Another red flag is that his followers say things like "He's the ONLY ONE that can.. (blah blah blah) and this is the last chance to keep us from being taken over by the UN (blah blah blah). North American Union (blah blah blah)!!!". I mean I hear crazy shit coming from the mouths of people, crazy shit that was crazy 15 years ago and is still crazy.

Learned a lot about the Con party in the early 90s. More crazy people, lock step with the Militia Movement folks and the nuttier of the survivalists. Am immediately suspicious of anyone who is called "THE ONLY ONE!!!!". I'm not a big UN fan, but mostly because of their sheer ineptness, cowardice and lack of action. Which I think are valid reasons not to like the UN.

But I think there are people who give the President too much credit for what the President is supposed to do. I mean The President, not the President in Office, who i haven't even paid any attention to since the last election.

I don't believe conspiracy ideas about government actions that shock people, secret societies, etc. Because I don't think there's anyone with enough brains IN the government to get any of the crazy shit done that it's accused of.

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