Thursday, December 20, 2007

the white

it snowed all day down in siskiyou yesterday. There was just under 3 feet of snow at the Snowman Hill candy cane thing. But it only stuck at the top of the 89 between Mt Shasta and McCloud, so it wasn't too bad. Then, the dreaded drive home.

I have a hard time driving when it's snowing at night. The snow mesmerizes me so I have to really concentrate on driving. Just found out that it makes me a little carsick too. lol.

Not too bad going over Mt Hebron. Not too bad going through Butte Valley except in Dorris but the last 20 miles were goddamn terrifying for me. It had been snowing long enough that it had stuck to the road and I was driving over packed snow, with crap for visibility. The tires on the car are really good... considering they're just all-weather, and they have pretty deep and wide tread. I'm just not good at driving in snow, at all.

The last two miles on the 97 getting to the city exit... 15 mph. Yeah. I suck. Blowing snow, shitty visibility, luckily no other traffic because i was the only idiot on the road. kids were hanging out at Veteran's park at 8:30 pm goofing in the snow.

But it gets better! Really. I got home fine. Went over to Phyllis' house and we hung out, watched "Festival Express" together, played some geetar, put down some whiskey and mellowed out. Around midnight, I left to go home, but she went into her garage first and brought out a sled.

The world looks really surreal at night after a good snowfall. It's quiet, and everything almost glows. There were a lot of people out, actually, walking around in the snow and playing in it at midnight. My neighbors built a big snowman!

But I got the coolest- a first ever (another one!). I got to ride down a hill covered in 6 inches of fresh snow at midnight in an old-style wooden sled. You bet your ass we hooted, hollered and made a bunch of noise.

This morning there is probably a little over 6 inches of snow on the ground. Not quite a foot, maybe. It's gorgeous.


  1. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Lucky you, all we have here is the Sun...the Sun! AHHH!

    If'n you are coming this way for the Holiday, give me a call or email at

  2. oh yeah and how common is it to have the sun out in an area where it rains from October to July?! lol